Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gee, that makes me feel so much better.....

I was complaining about my Senior Moments to Mac the other day, and he helpfully reminded me......"Kathi, it's not like it's getting worse.....  When you were 27 you locked your keys in your car with the car running." 
Okay.  That puts it in perspective.

Don'e forget the cellphone....don't forget the cellphone....don't forget the cellphone....

That's what my friend kept saying to herself, over and over, as she prepared to leave the house and go to work.  Later, at work, she reached into her purse for her cellphone.  YES!  There was the phone!  But it was her cordless landline, which is about 5 times bigger than the cellphone. 
Memory:  10 points
Accuracy:  2 points

Friday, February 14, 2014

Polish Manicures

Okay, parking outside my doctor's office in a group of small businesses with a shared lot.  I pulled right up in front of the new "Polish Nail Salon."  My loosely-tethered brain said, "Wow.  I didn't know people in Poland had a special way of doing their nails."  Then, my other brain said, "Ummmm.  They probably don't."

Saturday, January 11, 2014

World's Worst Mnemonic

"it's the opposite of the way you'd expect it to be."

Today, I was getting the cable to connect my camera to my laptop to download a couple of photos.  There are two cables:
 -- the big, fat one (that connects the little, skinny digital point-and-shoot), and
 -- the little, skinny one (that connects my big, honkin' SLR).
So I had a mnemonic -- the big cable connects the little camera, and vice versa.

How long do you think it took before the mnemonic reversed itself?  Until today, when I went into my office, and retrieved the small, skinny cable to use with my small camera.
I got halfway down the hall, when my brain said, "Hey,  Wait a minute.  You're taking the small, skinny cable to use with the small, skinny camera."
So I checked the little sticky-note label I had attached, and, sure enough, I had the wrong one.
Much better.....sticky notes.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Okay, telephone posting today.
Barbara confided that she tried to place a call by dialing out on her remote control.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Where is that cellphone, anyway?

So, the other day I was calling someone on my cellphone, and while I was listening to it ring, I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself.  As I eased onto the seat, I noticed my empty cellphone holster on my waistband.  "Damn," I thought, "I've misplaced my cellphone again!" 
Or, it could just be in my other hand, next to my ear, still listening to the ringing.